What People Say

45th District

1/17/16 - Rep. Sloan Attends Telecommunications Conference

1/11/16 - Rep. Sloan at FCC Advisory Committee

12/11/15 - Rep. Sloan Speaks At National Conference

12/9/15 - Rep. Sloan Meets with DOE, White House, and EPA Staff

11/14/15 - EPA Clean Power Plan and Rep. Sloan

10/15/15 - Rep. Sloan Speaks at Emerging Issues Policy Forum

10/10/15 - Rep. Sloan on Faculty of Legislative Energy Horizon Institute

9/29/15 - Rep. Sloan Files Comments with DOE, Participates in GWAC Meeting

9/10/15 - Rep. Sloan Attends Natural Gas Policy Institute

8/3/15 - Rep. Sloan Building National Energy Policies

7/3/15 - Rep. Sloan Speaks to DOE Advisory Committee

5/15/15 - Sloan Participates in Transactive Energy Workshop

4/29/15 - Sloan Speaks At DOE Workshop

4/21/15 - Sloan at FCC IAC Meeting

3/18/15 - Second Newsletter of 2015

2/22/15 - First Newsletter of 2015

1/26/15 - Sloan at FCC Advisory Committee Meeting

12/11/14 - Rep. Sloan Speaks at International Energy Conference

11/24/14 - Rep. Sloan Participates in FCC Advisory Committee

10/20/14 - Sloan Participates in Emerging Issues Policy Forum

10/07/14 - Sloan Participates in DOE Risk Assessment Workshop

9/11/14 - Sloan Participates in GridWise Meeting

8/21/14 - Sloan Addresses Sec. of Energy

7/21/14 - Sloan Meets with FCC Officials

6/18/14 - Rep. Sloan In Washington, D. C. for Energy Meetings

6/13/14 - Rep. Sloan Tours North Dakota Energy Centers

6/6/14 - Sloan Speaks at National Energy Conference

5/30/14 - Rep. Sloan Participates in Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force

5/3/14 - End-of-session Newsletter

4/24/14 - Rep. Sloan Files for Re-election

4/14/14 - Rep. Sloan Participates in Water Vision Workshop

3/17/14 - Rep. Sloan Participates in Electricity Advisory Committee Meeting

2/17/14 - First Newsletter of 2014 Session

1/29/14 - Rep. Sloan Re-elected to GridWise Architecture Council

12/12/13 - Rep. Sloan Participates in GWAC Workshop

12/3/13 - Rep. Sloan Visits Walter Reed National Medical Center

12/2/13 - Rep. Sloan at Federal Communications Commission

11/23/13 - Department of Defense Recognizes Rep. Sloan

11/17/13 - Rep. Sloan Hosts Electric Rate-Making Policy Summit

10/31/13 - Rep. Sloan Participates in Midwest GovernorsĀf’ Association Meeting

10/31/13 - Rep. Sloan Participates at GovernorĀf’s Water Conference

9/24/13 - Rep. Sloan at Council of State Governments Conference

8/14/13 - Rep. Sloan Speaks on Energy and Military-Civilian Issues

8/7/13 - Rep. Sloan Speaks at CSG-West Annual Meeting

7/28/13 - Tom's Report on the 2013 Session

7/2/13 - Rep. Sloan Participates in FCC Advisory Committee

6/8/13 - DOE to Receive Policy Recommendations Sponsored by Rep. Sloan

6/7/13 - Final Newsletter of 2013

5/24/13 - Rep. Sloan Chairs Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force Meeting

5/2/13 - Rep. Sloan Tours Energy Centers

Welcome to my website. You will find copies of my legislative newsletters, brief outlines of issues on which I work, summaries of the LegislatureÕs actions that I annually prepare and distribute through the Lawrence Journal World and on line, media releases detailing some of my actions on behalf of our community and state, and more.

I am serving my ninth term in the Kansas House of Representatives. Currently, I am Chairman of the Vision 2020 Committee – the Legislature's long-range planning committee; and am a member of the Energy & Utilities, Local Government, and Agriculture & Natural Resources Budget Committees. I also serve as a leader on a number of professional association task forces and federal advisory committees. My goal in each case is to bring best practices back to Kansas and to educate my state and federal colleagues on Kansans' common sense approaches to solving problems and building a better future for ourselves and future generations.

As a candidate, I walk door-to-door meeting voters and asking about issues you wish to discuss. I believe voters deserve the opportunity to meet and talk with the person asking for their votes. During the 2008 campaign, I personally knocked on almost 7,000 doors and in 2010 I visited more than 6,000 doors. I sincerely believe that one of the most important parts of being an elected official is to listen.

My parents taught me to respect all people and that the primary role of government is to help those least able to do so for themselves – the young, the infirm, and the elderly. They also taught me that government provides services that we cannot reasonably provide for ourselves – roads, public safety, water and food supply safety; and that government should ensure educational opportunities for all.

I appreciate your consideration of my public service record and commitment to Lawrence and Kansas. You may contact me at my state e-mail address: tom.sloan@house.ks.gov; my personal e-mail address: tom@tomsloan.org; or by writing me at the State Capitol, Topeka, KS 66612.


Citizens For Sloan. Kerri Johnson, Treasurer. Herschel Lewis, Chairman
772 Hwy 40, Lawrence, KS 66049